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you say i'm crazy, i got your crazy
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7th-Apr-2009 12:10 am - blah
Freddy, our cocker spaniel, isn't doing so good. =(

he's getting up there in age he's 9. for the past few weeks he's been acting weird, he won't eat much other than treats. he's lost a lot of weight, you can feel just about all of his bones sticking out. we think he had a seizure last night, he was spazzing out and couldn't stand up - all he could do was crawl a few inches - i had to push him along the floor to get him in the living room.

it' was just weird....almost like he couldn't feel his legs, but after a few minutes he was okay, i got him in the living room and he stood up on his own.

he's going to the vet tomorrow, hopefully it's nothing too serious like cancer.

me, my Mom & Billy will all be sad if he dies, we've had him since he was a little puppy. i'm sure Diva will miss him too, she loves aggravating her fatty patty (that's his nickname)
25th-Mar-2009 01:39 am - happy birthday to....me =)
so it's my b-day

22 years old and i feel 82 years old haha

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